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Articles & Studies

Reusable Transport Packaging in the Retail Industry (PDF, 392K) Published in 2012 in the U.S. EPA Retail Portal Newsletter, this article gives an overview of best practices among retailers to boost supply chain efficiencies with reusable transport packaging.

Reusable Transport Packaging in the Health Care Sector (PDF, 668K) This article was published in October 2012 in Practice Greenhealth Magazine.

Reusable Transport Packaging in Agriculture (PDF, 2.2MB) This article was published in November 2012 in the Central Valley Business Journal.

Reusable Transport Packaging in Manufacturing (PDF, 611K) This article was published in March 2013 in Sustainable Plant.

Life Cycle Inventory of Reusable Plastic Containers (PDF, 255K) Independent "Cradle to grave" analysis, focusing on energy, solid waste and emissions.

Transport Packaging: Cost-Effective Strategies for Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling in the Grocery Industry (PDF, 387K) Developed by the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance. Three project profiles applicable to any large user of transport packaging.

Magazines & News Sources

Many supply chain management publications cover reusable transport packaging occasionally. The sources of information below - while by no means a comprehensive list - tend to focus more specifically or frequently on Reusables.

Reusable Packaging Revolution

Inbound Logistics Magazine

Material Handling Management Magazine

Greener Package