Are Reusables Right for Me?

Reusable transport packaging (“Reusables”) can offer significant advantages over traditional, limited-use transport packaging—depending on your organization’s specific operations and transportation needs. Use the tools on this site to assess if Reusables are right for you.

Cost Comparison

To determine if reusable transport packaging will add profit to your company's bottom line, you must compare the costs for one-time or limited-use packaging with the costs of Reusables, including any costs for reverse logistics (transporting empty containers back to your facility). Our downloadable Excel-based calculators will walk you through all cost components and help you determine per-trip costs and total savings with Reusables, compared to one-time use or limited-use packaging. Note that the results can only be a general indication and not an absolute indication of exact cost benefits. For more specific cost benefit calculations, find a vendor or contact Use Reusables.

Calculator 1: Cardboard Boxes (Corrugated) vs. Reusable Containers

Calculator 2: Limited-life Pallets vs. Reusable Pallets

Calculator 3: Disposable Plastic Film vs. Reusable Pallet Wrap

Complete the checklist below to assess if you might be a good candidate for Reusables.
You have large and/or frequent shipments of consistent volume, with minimal seasonal fluctuations or changes in quantity, specifications, or routes.
Your operations involve localized "milk runs" (small, daily truck routes that start and end at the same location.)
Your operations involve a dedicated fleet of trucks, either company-owned or hired.
You recycle or dispose of large amounts of packaging waste, e.g. cardboard boxes, pallets and pallet wrap.
You purchase single- and limited-use transport packaging materials on an on-going basis.
You observe frequent or recurring product damage during transportation or storage, due to failed stacking or inadequate product protection.
You notice that space in delivery trucks, storage and/or warehouses is not maximized due to stacking limitations and/or weight restrictions.
You observe worker safety or ergonomic issues due to overfilling of non-uniform boxes, broken pallets, and/or repeated bending, lifting and handling.
You have control or influence over your organization’s shipping process
Your clients and/or suppliers are cooperative and open to operational changes.
Your organization is looking for cost savings and/or improvements in environmental performance.

If you checked two or more of the above statements, your organization may benefit from replacing limited-use transport packaging with Reusables.