Resources: Reusables 101 and 102

This 2-part guide was created as an introduction to reusable transport packaging by public agency StopWaste and the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA). View or download the files below. If you prefer hard copies, to have the guide(s) mailed to you free of charge. Don't forget provide your mailing address.

Reusables 101 (PDF, 816K) outlines the basics of reusable transport packaging: what it is, how it works, and why the switch makes sense for many businesses

Reusables 102 (PDF, 1.7MB) presents a way to identify and compare the one-time cost per use of one-time or limited-use transport packaging ("one-time cost") with the lifetime cost per use of reusable transport packaging ("lifetime cost"). Substitute your own data to identify the ROI from switching to Reusables in your company.

Another great way to learn the basics of Reusables is to attend a free Intro Webinar. Click here to view presentation slides from past webinars or schedule an intro webinar for your organization.